Worcestershire CCC will officially open their 'Foley's' coffee house and eatery to the general public, club supporters and members for the first time on Tuesday (April 4). '

'Foley's' is housed in what was formerly known as the 1865 Lounge-Kenyon Room and will serve all-day breakfasts as well as having a brunch menu and the finest coffee that money can buy.

Managing Director Jon Graham believes it will cater for a wide spectrum of people – from young mothers who can take advantage of the toddlers play area to businessmen wanting to host breakfast meetings.

'Foley's' will be open to the general public all year round and they will be able to access from the frontage on New Road.

Worcestershire are keen to tap into the 1,500 people who currently walk past New Road during the non-match day opening hours – 7am to 3pm – and 30,000 car-owners who drive past the ground each day and can park for free on the ground when using 'Foley's'.

It is named in honour of Paul Foley who had a massive role to play as club secretary in Worcestershire CCC's formative years at the end of the 19th century.

Graham said: "We've been talking for a long time about being a 365 days a year business and being sustainable. With a lot of things we are doing, the events and concerts and all the major changes we have made, have really worked for us.

"The results are there to be seen. We've seen a lot of new customers over the last 18 months-two years.

"I genuinely think there is nothing we cannot offer whether it be young mum with children or the CEO of the biggest business in Worcestershire.

"The brand will be Foley's. It is a strong brand with a lot of heritage given the importance of the role Paul Foley had in the development of this cricket club.

"This could be the biggest thing the club have done off the field for many, many years. It is vital.

"'Foley's' also gives our members an opportunity to be here on a regular basis and we are really confident with the produce, the menu and the coffee that it is really going to be something quite special.

"We've done our research, we know that around 1,500 people walk past in the period when we are open Monday to Friday between 9am and 3pm and 30,000 cars drive past every day."

Graham says Worcestershire have gone into great detail to ensure the coffee and food served will be of a high standard.

He said: "We have linked up with a number of local businesses including Wellbeing Group UK Limited, Narraways, Bruno’s Bakery and Pershore Produce. All of them have been pro-active in buying into the idea of an eatery at New Road”

"We are a breakfast location initially, because of the times we are open, and breakfasts will be available all day.

"We will do a brunch menu as well with jacket potatoes, sandwiches, soups, pie and mash & gravy.

"We will be open to ongoing suggestions and feedback for the menu from customers and will reward people for their loyalty with loyalty stamps-cards.

"We haven't cut any corners. We've got a chef with 25 years experience. We have taken on a new operations manager experienced in running coffee shops and other catering operations. This for me is as important as anything we have done off the field over recent years”.

The initial plan is to open on non-match days from 7am to 3pm Monday to Friday, and on match days 'Foley’s' will be open from 7am to 9.30am to the general public, then from 9.30am to close of play to ticket holders and members only.