Worcestershire CCC are converting the 1865 Lounge into a Coffee House which will be open to the public all year round BUT exclusively to members and supporters on match days.

The new luxury facility – 'Foley's' – will be named in honour of Paul Foley who had a massive role to play as club secretary in Worcestershire CCC's formative years at the end of the 19th century.

County CEO Tom Scott is confident the current renovation work will be completed in time for the new venture to open from April 4 and provide another 365 days a year arm to the club which is so vital for its longer term sustainability.

Breakfast, lunches and a takeaway service will be served in addition to tea and coffee and it will include a kiddies area as the County look to utilise a part of the ground that had previously been overlooked as a commercial venture and seldom used to its full capacity.

In addition the Perks Room is to be converted into a corporate box to provide more much needed income for the club.

The frontage to New Road forming the entrance to the coffee house-cafe is to be renovated as Worcestershire look to attract the many hundreds of people that walk past the ground on their way into the city centre each morning.

But on match days the cafe will be closed to the general public after 9-30am and then available to members or supporters who have paid for admission to the ground.

Life long supporter Tom Scott felt it appropriate the new venture should be named after a figure who had played a major role in the club's development – and Paul Foley fits the bill.

Foley co-founded the Minor Counties Championship in 1895 and which was then won by Worcestershire for the next four seasons.

He then played a significant role in the County earning a place in the County Championship in 1899.

It was also Foley, from a family of iron masters in Stourbridge, who recognised that the county needed a new ground – they had previously played at Boughton Park – in keeping with their newly granted first class status.

He rented three sheep fields from the Dean and Chapter of Worcester – and New Road was borne as a cricketing venue.

Foley was also responsible for bringing in a 23-year-old Berkshire groundsman called Fred Hunt who transformed New Road from a sheep pasture into the ground it is renowned for throughout the world today.

Tom Scott insisted that the County's record run-scorer Don Kenyon will continue to be honoured in a building in another part of the ground rather than the 'The Kenyon Room' in the 1865 Lounge which now forms part of the new coffee house.

Committee members and vice-presidents will also be rehoused in The View and be afforded superb views of the cricket from their new elevated position.

Tom Scott said: "We are trying to provide additional benefits to our members and supporters and this new facility will provide year round access to those who wish to meet and enjoy the surroundings at New Road.

"We are buying into Worcester City Council's vision of a Riverside cafe culture to which all will have access and we are using local suppliers to provide food, drinks and equipment.

"It was important that we provided access to everyone so utilising the entrance directly from New Road has been a huge plus.

"We have carried out research which revealed over 1,000 people walk from St. John's along New Road into the City Centre between 7.30 and 11 every morning.

"We are focusing on that demographic but also remain very positive about the impact the cafe will have on match days.

"Foley's will be open all year round but will be closed to the public after 9.30am on days when cricket is being staged.

"On these days there will be access only to members or people who have paid to come into the ground.

"In terms of who to name it after, we wanted someone who played a significant role in the history of the club and Paul Foley fitted perfectly and he was such a distinctive figure in his bowler hat.

"His influence and vision in the formative years was massive, the club owe him so much."

Tom Scott added: "During our recent history this area of the ground has been of little commercial value, however this new facility will provide members, supporters and the public the opportunity to meet and purchase food and beverages.

"The Perks Room will be converted into a corporate box and the committee-vice presidents etc will be relocated to The View.

"The new Foley's cafe has for a number of years been known as the Kenyon Room in honour of Don Kenyon who is a real legend of the club and our record run-scorer.

"I can assure everyone his name will continue to be honoured within the club at a different location to be determined.

"I am a lifelong supporter of this great club myself and am aware of its great history and players and the importance of honouring those players."